Dataiku is now worth $1.4 billion following secondary round

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Enterprise AI company Dataiku has announced some changes in its capitalization table. CapitalG (formerly Google Capital), Alphabet’s growth equity investment fund, is investing in the startup by buying out some of Serena Capital’s shares.

Serena Capital has been an investor in Dataiku since 2014. “Serena was looking for a bit of liquidity. They invested in Dataiku when the valuation was 100 times less than what it is following today’s transaction,” Dataiku co-founder and CEO Florian Douetteau told me.

Serena is still keeping a stake in Dataiku and a board seat. CapitalG has acquired those secondary market shares at a valuation of $1.4 billion.

Dataiku helps enterprise clients turn large data sets into actionable insights using machine learning. The company connects to various storage systems and databases, such as Hadoop, NoSQL or image sets.

You can then use Dataiku to clean your data set, create segments and build a machine learning model. The company then lets you run your own model.

Dataiku has always been focused on bringing data science to more people — not just data scientists. If you’re a business analyst, you can take advantage of Dataiku’s visual coding tool to get insights from your data sets.

The company has been switching to a Kubernetes-powered infrastructure, which lets you scale up your Dataiku infrastructure by spinning up more containers and scale it down when you’re done.

Dataiku now generates half of its revenue in the U.S. Clients include big enterprise clients, such as General Electric, Sephora and Unilever.

“We’re very product-centric. We want to handle the data science cycle from start to finish with a single product,” Douetteau said. “This strategy alone makes us stand out.”

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