Raising capital requires


Here’s the problem.

 With limited experience in raising capital, founders may seek VC funding before knowing if they’re ready, what’s required, and whether it’s the right type of funding for them. Beyond being unlikely to raise capital, they also face problems like:

Many founders get lost within ineffective accelerator programs, hiring advisors that don’t provide value, many of which demand unfair fees or equity.

Unprepared investor materials and documents

No investor feedback or market insight

Mistakes in negotiations and deals

Not knowing why they were rejected

So, we’ve come up with something that works…

Protect your equity with expert guidance.

capital ready

An Essential Advisory Program For Founders Raising Capital

  • Essential Investor Materials

    Prepare your investor deck, 1-page teaser, and setup your data room.

  • Initial Due Diligence

    We get to know you, your company, and your products/services - and identify any potential pitfalls


    Individualized guidance to set and meet financing requirements


We get to know you, your company, and your products/services – and identify any potential pitfalls


individualized guidance to set and meet financing requirements


Prepare your investor deck, 1-page teaser, and setup your data room

Each year, Shot Ventures selects and invites promising founders to the advisory program, providing safe and effective guidance through over 200+ steps in the fundraising process – including preparation. We help companies reduce excess costs and lost time associated with raising capital, while helping companies maintain a fair equity position.

Our program helps founders before, during, and after financing, with the goal of reducing costs, lost time, and potentially serious mistakes associated with raising capital. This includes avoiding many common pitfalls, false expectations about financing, poorly prepared investor documents, and lack of investor feedback.

Throughout the 12-month program, the founders are advised by our VCs and partners on financing, markets, legal, and M&A strategy…while receiving investor feedback throughout.

Capital Ready is low risk, safe, effective, and healthy for founders of all stages. 

Accepting Applications Now
  • Individualized advisement (no cohort)
  • Avoid common pitfalls in capital raise
  • Plan your capital raise strategy
  • Set and meet financing expectations
  • Gain investor feedback earlier
  • Get prepared to raise capital
  • High value insight from VC, finance, market, legal, and M&A experts

what’s required?

Receive Guidance, Get Capital Ready

When can founders apply?
Applications are accepted year-round, and by invitation.

How many companies can join the program?
We accept 20 companies per year, with rare exceptions.

What type of company can apply?
Founders that are needing to raise capital within the next twelve (12) months and are endeavoring to make an impact via health, social, economic, or environmental innovations.

Do we have to be a startup?
Founders may apply to the program at any phase in their growth, including startups.

What does the program cost?
Founders will pay a monthly advising fee, with the balance of the cost of the advising funded by our partners, who have the goal of creating investible value for founders.

Do you raise the capital for me? 
This program is designed to prepare and advise you before, during, and after a capital raise. You would still be responsible for the raise.

What is the timeline or program schedule?
Though the program is 1-year long, the schedule is customized to the needs of the founder. Each founder will be supported uniquely and each will develop their own capital roadmap.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly: info@shotventures.com 

Pre-Application for Capital Ready advisement program



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