Raising capital requires


Here’s the problem.

Inexperienced founders will make the mistake of paying advisors with equity, diluting the opportunity for future investors. This is in addition to other common problems like:

Unprepared investor materials and documents

No investor feedback or market insight

Make mistakes in negotiations and deals

Unlikely to raise capital successfully

So, we’ve come up with something that works…

No equity loss. Expert advisement.

capital ready

An Essential Program For Founders Raising Capital

  • Essential Investor Materials

    We prepare your investor deck, 1-page teaser, and setup your data room.

  • Initial Due Diligence

    We get to know you, your company, and your products/services.

  • Legal Framework & Advisory

    1-on-1 guidance, legal review, and other essential legal documents


We help you prepare your investor deck, 1-page teaser, and setup your data room


We get to know you, your company, and your products/services – and identify any potential pitfalls


1-on-1 guidance, legal review, and prepare essential investor documentation

Each year, Shot Ventures selects (10) founders to join us in packaging their company to raise capital, providing safe and effective guidance through over 200+ steps in the fundraising process. We help companies reduce excess costs and lost time associated with raising capital, while helping companies maintain equity.

Companies (of all stages, including startups) will go through early due diligence, work with our team to prepare investor materials, and learn how to raise their visibility online in order to be available for investor inquiries. As part of our capital-focused program, we add them to our exclusive digital portfolio, and help them to develop an investor relations plan, discussing options for crowdfunding campaigns when appropriate.

Throughout the 12-month program, the founders are advised by attorneys, financial analysts, and receive investor feedback throughout.

Accepting Applications Now
  • No valuable equity lost
  • Pay or get sponsored for enrollment
  • Plan your capital raise strategy
  • Gain investor feedback earlier
  • Get prepared to raise capital
  • Receive advisement from finance, legal, and M&A experts

what’s required?

Receive Guidance, Get Capital Ready

When can founders apply?
Applications are accepted year-round, but most programs begin in the Fall.

How many companies can join the program?
We accept 10 companies per year, with rare exceptions.

What type of company can apply?
Founders that are needing to raise capital within the next twelve (12) months and are endeavoring to make an impact via health, social, economic, or environmental innovations.

Do we have to be a startup?
Companies join the program at any phase in their growth, including startups.

What does the program cost?
The founder fees include both Enrollment Fee and a Monthly Participation Fee. The fee amount is determined based on need, with base fees to cover 20% of the costs associated with the program. Founder fees may also be paid and sponsored by a third party.

Do you raise the capital for me? 
This program is designed to prepare and advise you before, during, and after a capital raise. You would still be responsible for the raise. Need us to lead the raise? Let us know.

What is the timeline or program schedule?
The program is 1 year long. Each founder will be supported uniquely and each will develop a capital raise roadmap.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly: info@shotventures.com 

Pre-Application for Capital Ready advisement program



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