A Letter From Our Partners

Today, not only is tech more complex, but capital markets are more dynamic, accelerating, stopping, turning, and speeding up…

No matter whether leading an established company or startup, CEOs navigating a capital raise and simultaneously operating businesses is becoming higher risk…much like texting and driving.

Today, not only is tech more complex, but capital markets are more dynamic: accelerating, stopping, turning, and speeding up. Investors must make decisions with a different level of knowledge and experience because the traditional “M&A tool kit” no longer works. Digital deals are different. Acquiring highly scalable and profitable digital assets forces investors and companies to be prepared with advanced digital knowledge, earlier conceptualizations, strategic roadmaps, and clearer communications. And because digital is impacting M&A so intensely, tech markets and new financial structures (and currencies) provide deal strategies (opportunities) that have never existed before. Financial institutions, private wealth (including angel investors, venture capitalists, investor groups and private equity firms), and tech companies are all riddled with a very steep learning curve.

We didn’t start off in M&A or finance. But this world has called on our digital expertise to help you (the stakeholders) secure your future. Our team leverages this digital expertise, mixed with good ol’ fashioned relationship building, to strengthen growth opportunities. And with our finance and legal partners who understand the art of the digital deal, the opportunity can be much greater.

We created Shot Ventures to help founders and investors navigate this young, volatile, and rich market. It is the market we built and that we grew up in. And now, our insight has never been more valuable, as together, we help our family of investors and clients build trust, raise capital, and achieve results we are all proud of.

The Partners

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