Shot Ventures is a venture capital firm located in Tucson, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Denver.

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Fintech & Blockchain


Biotech & Biomedical

Health & Wellness

Cloud Services / SaaS

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What kind of founders do we want to work with?
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Scalable Business Models

Beyond a company owning high value patented technologies, scalability is a key feature that appeals to investors. By using teams, software, semi-automation, or full automation, companies can really manage this growth more effectively.

Early Growth Companies

After generating some revenue, some companies struggle to step into their next phase of growth, and are often seeking their first or second round of investment. Sales, partnerships, and capital are often the key to advancement of the company.

Limited Startups Per Year

Every week, we interview dozens of startups, learning about new technologies and business ideas. While these companies may lack significant revenues, seed funding can provide the company just what it needs to perform and stabilize.

Cool & Friendly Teams

Smart is one thing, friendly is another. When we see teams working together, it shows that founders have realized a key component of growth: partnering. Healthy teams and strong relationships are a sign of trust and kindness, and we like that.

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our story

we’re on a mission

We’ll start by telling you that we weren’t just sitting on a bunch of cash and wanting to leave our jobs to go become venture capitalists…

It all started when our founders (former tech executives) realized that over the span of 5 years, they started to get approached more and more by senior investors (and seasoned businesspeople) who wanted their advisement on investing in technology companies.

Our founders realized that they had a unique combination of product expertise (especially with respect to software) and “growth hacking”, that deal makers and investors needed in order to keep up with the quickly changing global marketplace. Historically successful (and wise) business people were being forced to reconsider what they knew, through a new “digital lens”…and not all were up to the challenge. Some, outright refused to accept it.

Our founders are not only “techies”, but unlike the past, they were required in their companies to employ technology to speed up marketing of business solutions, automate, and limit themselves to truly scalable tech platforms for rapid expansion.

With initially just a few successful exits, Shot Ventures’ expertise with both digital and business was exactly what investors needed: a team to help them with digital deals.

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Partnering with finance, legal, and M&A experts, our venture team was able to help both investors – and – founders to get funded quicker, simply because both sides could better grasp opportunities more clearly. Our team solved a big communication problem between tech and finance.

Over time, investors came to trust the transparency we could provide, and in turn, granted us with more of their experienced guidance that normally they wouldn’t offer to any entrepreneur with an investor pitch deck. 

Now, Shot Ventures is investing and providing that valuable investor guidance to you, whether you’re an investor or founder, so that you can articulate your vision to be more successful in this marketplace. Not just successful in raising capital from investors, but in raising capital the good ol’ fashioned way: customer sales.

That…is something pretty cool to be a part of.

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