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Shot Ventures is an active venture capital firm in Arizona and San Francisco. We work together with both entrepreneurs and the financial community. Every day, we receive investor decks that present new investment opportunities from a variety of companies, in various stages of growth. Our team then evaluates and determines which venture might be a fit for our capital partners (which may include active private angel investors, active venture capitalists, or institutional investment bankers) – or – which business opportunities still need further development before being pitched to an active funding source.

If you’re looking to share your vision with us or need to raise capital (whether you’re an investor or company founder), please request a consult so that we can determine if we’re a fit. We enjoy meeting new faces, learning about new tech, and always try to connect entrepreneurs with the right resources.


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NOTE: We are one of the few active venture capitalists in Arizona, and we’re hoping to connect more funding sources to entrepreneurs in the Southwest. If you’re wanting guidance on how to raise capital for your startup (or existing company), please make sure to request a consult here instead >

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