We are a next-generation venture capital firm that invests in technology companies at any stage, and we increase deal performance by using proven pre-capital strategy and investor-approved packaging.


We follow the National Investor Relations Institute Code of Ethics

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We work with (and for) the financial community (including top-tier investors) and entrepreneurs (founders) in the US to start, buy, and grow technology companies, with a specialization digital assets. We prefer work with experienced ex-executives and qualified investors…and we also are very serious about only working with nice people (see our No Assholes Policy for more).



Our goal is to reduce 40% of the time and cost of raising capital, (while helping companies keep their equity).

We aim to enrich investment opportunities, speed up investor deal flow, ease investor relations, and accelerate due diligence by helping companies to do the pre-capital work needed to successfully close funding.

We support raising startup and growth capital (Seed, Series A, B, and C/Mezzanine) from our network of active equity and debt partners, which include individual investors (private angel investors and venture capitalists), private equity, groups, family offices, and institutional finance (investment banking, boutique lending, and others that offer a variety of instruments and products for capitalization).



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We use battle-tested, investor-guided strategies to make it easier for companies to get funded. Shot Ventures helps you get capital-ready and funded faster.

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