Techstars Mentor Abhi Ghosh To Lead Shot Ventures Advisory Board, Opens Denver Startup Market

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abhi ghosh techstars mentor and shot ventures partner in denver colorado

(December 3, 2020 – Denver, Colorado) Shot Ventures, a venture capital firm based in Tucson, Arizona, and San Francisco, California, opened executive offices in Denver, Colorado and announced the appointment of Techstars and Startup Runway mentor Abhi Ghosh to lead its Venture Advisory Board. Shot Ventures designed the strategic advisory board to prepare tech startups and growth companies who intend on raising capital in 2021.

Earlier this year, Shot Ventures selected external advisors from finance, technology product, business, and marketing who will be providing the program with trusted expertise and insight that founders need to successfully close financing. The firm connects tech companies with these experts through Capital ReadyAn Essential Program For Founders Raising Capital. This 12-month advisory program supports founders by providing 1-on-1 guidance through the 200+ steps in the fundraising process. Managing Partner, Dominique Villela, said of the program that supports experienced and first-time capital raisers:

 Founders want to raise capital, but aren’t always ready for the speed and diligence of the process. While many VCs reject founders for lack of financial preparedness, product development timelines, or underdeveloped investor materials, Abhi encourages continued advisement in a judicious manner and pace that allows them the flexibility to build internally, while keeping founders moving forward towards capital. 

techstars mentor abhi ghosh in lima peru on sabbatical before leading shot ventures

Abhi Ghosh, Techstars Mentor, Partner, and Shot Ventures Advisory Board

denver venture capitalists and vc firms in colorado directory - shot ventures opens in 2020

As a startup mentor to early-stage ventures in the Techstars & Techstars Impact accelerator programs (investments led by Cox Enterprises) and Startup Runway (sponsored by Goldman Sachs, Cox, Valor Ventures, et al.), Abhi’s passionate advisement has fortified founders through $1+ million seed rounds and acquisitions. With a proven track-record of nurturing high-potential founders, Abhi is charged with leading the new capital preparedness program and explains,

Instead of risking a late rejection at a time when financing is likely critical, we get the investor in the loop early. That investor wisdom is typically not available to founders at all, let alone so early in the capital roadmap.

Joining Shot Ventures as a new Partner, Abhi is translating his startup and industry experience into a powerful program-based approach that places in sound advisory resources while building the founder’s confidence on their journey to raising capital. 

Shot Ventures has started accepting applications for the next slotted advisement period, which starts on January 11, 2021.

To talk more with Abhi Ghosh, connect with him on LinkedIn. For more information on the Shot Ventures Capital Ready program, click here or contact Shot Ventures.

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