Dominique Villela

Dominique is a deal-savvy marketer, entrepreneur, and award-winning engineer with 15+ critical years of experience in marketing emerging technology.

As a Partner at Shot Ventures, a Silicon Valley and Arizona focused Venture Capital firm, and a successful Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and founder of a scalable digital services agency, he has represented over 100+ brands (US/Global) and worked closely with C-level executives, investors, and private equity firms on raising capital, go-to-market strategy, and execution. Trained through the Ernst & Young executive sales methodology for CEOs, his pre-capital strategy has captured investors and influenced the capital funding for tech companies that include the Fortune 10. Dominique delivers much of his value with his strong network of advisory and investors which guide and support companies through capital-focused & market-informed strategy and execution.

Dominique has been recognized by U.S. Congress and other government for his go-to-market contribution to science, technology, and entrepreneurship. He contributes locally and nationally to tech and entrepreneurship ecosystems, STEM education, and has worked on a number of government projects for DOD, DARPA, DOE, NIH, NSF, and others.

Dominique is published online in media, academic and research journals, trade/market publications, and global finance.

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