Matthew Hum

Matthew Hum is an experienced entrepreneur and litigator with an extensive background in corporate law, insurance, and finance. He has consulted and assisted companies in M&A, corporate development, and legal. He possesses a hunter mentality that has exponentially grown multi-million dollar sales for his own firms and is frequently invited to participate as a board member or sponsor of other ventures. He is known for advancing business solutions for his firms and clients by utilizing disruptive technologies in cash asset management, enterprise system efficiencies, and sales/workforce development.

Shot Ventures utilizes his wealth of experience in mergers and acquisitions to help investors (and founders) to form, plan for growth, and develop their exit strategies. He advises companies within the portfolio on the best corporate structure for raising investment funding and helps champion the desired financial outcomes of the shareholders.

He has extensive knowledge of regulatory policy for numerous industries including financial services, digital currencies, cannabis and hemp.