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Thanks to our investor packaging, we are helping companies raise capital 40% sooner by capturing market insight, providing early investor feedback, and helping companies prepare for due diligence. This means we are equipped earlier to evaluate, invest, or share your story with our network.

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Shot Ventures helps you get capital-ready and funded faster.
We work with investors, private equity, institutional finance, and founders.

Investors won’t always tell you why your pitch failed

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We help you get your company packaged by preparing investor documents, and in doing so, begin due diligence work, which often requires clarifying (or correcting) details within your offering. This work includes our team using their relationships with investors and industry advisors to evaluate your products or services, market potential, and the financial opportunity.


Assess & Evaluate

We are highly selective and audit your tech, finance, marketing, and legal needs


Strategic Value & Cash

We create a roadmap to revenue, financing, or acquisition – with early investor feedback


Pre-Capital Work

We take an executive role, fix, build, place resources, and begin our popular investor packaging


Capital Raise

We leverage our network an launch investor outreach & campaigns

What kind of founders do we want to work with?
Here are just a few.

Scalable Business Models

Beyond a company owning high value patented technologies, scalability is a key feature that appeals to investors. By using teams, software, semi-automation, or full automation, companies can really manage this growth more effectively.

Early Growth Companies

After generating some revenue, some companies struggle to step into their next phase of growth, and are often seeking their first or second round of investment. Sales, partnerships, and capital are often the key to advancement of the company.

Limited Startups Per Year

Every week, we interview dozens of startups, learning about new technologies and business ideas. While these companies may lack significant revenues, seed funding can provide the company just what it needs to perform and stabilize.

Cool & Friendly Teams

Smart is one thing, friendly is another. When we see teams working together, it shows that founders have realized a key component of growth: partnering. Healthy teams and strong relationships are a sign of trust and kindness, and we like that.

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Fintech & Blockchain


Biotech & Biomedical

Health & Wellness

Cloud Services / SaaS

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Client Testimonials

  • They lead us through go-to-market planning, strategy, and execution...helped us establish traction and position the company for growth, and enter new SaaS and Cloud Computing markets. The strategists have been working intimately with us from positioning to investment.

    J. Engelmann Cloud Services Company | San Francisco, CA
  • We quickly knew that testing and validating the consumer markets we were entering needed real numbers to back our marketing budget for our app and technology services. We used those metrics to pitch our company, close several rounds of investment, and successfully exit via acquisition.

    D. Carlson, CEO Weather Tech Company | Dallas, TX
  • After 1 year in fundraising, their marketing helped us raise awareness in the cybersecurity market that influenced our investors AND simultaneously supported closing a large Fortune-100 telecom purchase order. The marketing impacted the global markets and we've won awards in Silicone Valley for the unique strategies used.

    G. Drummond, CEO Cybersecurity Company | Palo Alto, CA
  • The level of customer service to our C-level was superior, and the CMO showed real patience and grace under pressure. The interim-executive was charged with creating and implementing a market penetration strategy for our portfolio. It was clear from the outset that he had an incredible knowledge of the latest techniques and best practice in digital customer acquisition. He came highly networked within the technology and tech investor space. He was able to instantly grasp our technology and make useful and strategic connections. He is definitely able to see synergies between different groups that might not be apparent at first glance, which is a rare skill.

    B. Greet Private Equity | San Diego, CA



venture capital

We use battle-tested, investor-guided strategies to make it easier for companies to get funded. Shot Ventures helps you get capital-ready and funded faster.

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Pitch decks (presentations) and yearly investor briefs. Product sales decks. Web based and digital.


Scalable digital marketing and PR for interest and traction, both in localized and global (or niche) markets.


Interim CMO or growth strategist. Market validation. Marketing plan and briefs for use-of-funds.


Total Addressable Market research and report. Social Media and SEO customer acquisition cost projections. Endorsements and validations.


Marketing, financial, and IP audits. Business optimization and any other required prep for capital raise.


Intellectual property assessment, licensing strategy, and pre-license product branding and packaging.

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We bridge the gap between Funder and Founder with modern growth strategy, correct messaging and attractive positioning. And because we aren’t face-down in your operations…we have the ability to provide you early market intelligence that investors are looking for.

A full assessment with advisement from M&A pros, finance, legal, and intellectual property experts.
Packaging begins with preparing specific investor materials and any business optimization work needed.
Investor campaigns begin, the pitch is refined, due diligence activities supported, and unique investor feedback.