Kapil Galla

    Kapil Galla has over 10 years of diverse experience, working on projects that range from mining to space exploration. Kapil brings a unique love of theater, entertainment, and art, and is an award-winning film producer, having represented leading talent and literary agencies in Hollywood.

    Kapil works along with Shot Venturesteam as an initial point of contact and audits opportunities, creating business-class taxonomies, collecting data, and leading portfolio activities. As a strategist, he maintains long-term relationships with startups who are seeking to raise capital. He maintains each of the startup’s offerings regularly, reporting, and advancing each toward potential funding opportunities. When appropriate, Kapil negotiates portfolios of startups in various classes or market segments to increase potential investment returns and to attract more interest from the financial community.

    His roles at different levels have received accolades for saving millions of dollars in project proposals.