Angela DiFucciaOperating Partner

With 14 years of business management and asset management expertise, Angela DiFuccia optimizes companies to grow and scale. She has lead key C-level operational roles within finance and commercial real estate, negotiating with CEOs and operators to achieve greater investor returns. She leads investor briefings and reports to keep operational stability throughout the investment portfolio.

Angela has managed upwards of $300MM in assets, and is accustomed to managing revenues of $25MM. She has directly scaled management initiatives 2-3x from early start-up phases, through unique deal-specific challenges, and vital M&A transactions.

As the Operating Partner at Shot Ventures, Angela DiFuccia believes that “by properly measuring and analyzing data, investor reporting can be more powerful and create the transaction that founders are ultimately seeking“. In the digital asset world, Angela’s expertise is critical because companies are often needing to deploy large scale software solutions as they manage growth.

Angela is set to lead the commercial real estate investment portfolio for Shot Ventures in 2020. She is a member of the Urban Land Institute and a Sustainer of the Junior League in Tucson, Arizona.

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