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Here’s the problem.

Some startups are not able to dedicate time to raising capital
or have never been through the process successfully.

Unlike larger funded companies or investor groups, startups are usually unable to pay for qualified executive-level consultants to assist them with pre-capital work that must be done before approaching an investor. This limits their options to relationships where the startup loses equity in exchange for guidance (from a friendly advisor) or they may need to take their chances with online resources. From an investment perspective, these are both things that may harm the opportunity, and if an investor is interested despite these issues, the cost (in equity) to the startup will be high.

So, we’ve come up with something that works…

No large fees. No equity loss.

pre-capital for startups

Shot Ventures selects ten (10) startups to advise each year. For 6 months, these startups receive important guidance (specific to raising capital), critical documents, advisement, and more.

Our startup program is focused on raising capital, and is personalized for founders who ideally have a background in engineering, science, tech, business, finance, or medicine.

We work with the startup founders remotely, where the startup receives a series of live calls that includes 1-on-1 guidance from legal (for business formation or intellectual property needs, for example), financial, and market research experts who are also experienced in raising capital. Critical documentation includes access to templates like proven pitch deck formats, outreach letters, business and financial models, and other key investor documents.

In some cases, the startup will be invited to be part of a portfolio fund for additional fundraising opportunities, aimed at showcasing startups who share in a particular market.

Apply To Our Startup Program


for 6 month term

Accepting Applications

  • No equity required and no long-term contract
  • Receive a customized timeline of activities
  • Get our pre-capital strategist to guide you
  • Receive investor feedback earlier
  • Complete your investor deck
  • Access investor-required documents and templates you may need
  • Get monthly advisement from attorneys, accountants, and other key analysts on our team

To discuss what a pre-capital roadmap would look like for you, apply online (above) or request a free consultation.

What kind of founders do we want to work with?
Here are just a few.

Scalable Business Models

Beyond a company owning high value patented technologies, scalability is a key feature that appeals to investors. By using teams, software, semi-automation, or full automation, companies can really manage this growth more effectively.

Early Growth Companies

After generating some revenue, some companies struggle to step into their next phase of growth, and are often seeking their first or second round of investment. Sales, partnerships, and capital are often the key to advancement of the company.

Limited Startups Per Year

Every week, we interview dozens of startups, learning about new technologies and business ideas. While these companies may lack significant revenues, seed funding can provide the company just what it needs to perform and stabilize.

Cool & Friendly Teams

Smart is one thing, friendly is another. When we see teams working together, it shows that founders have realized a key component of growth: partnering. Healthy teams and strong relationships are a sign of trust and kindness, and we like that.

Not sure? Have questions? Email us!

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Pre-Capital for Startups

Startups can apply to our program year-round, where we accept up to ten (10) each calendar year. Depending on subject-matter, some startups may be grouped together.  To apply for this program and be considered for this opportunity, please fill out the form below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly: 

Application for Startup Program

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    Accepted file types: pdf.
      Please provide any documents that may provide us an overview of your business, a presentation ("Deck"), or a 1-Page Summary. (3 Files Max, PDF Format Only)



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