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With so many deals in the marketplace, investors are approaching due diligence in a much more accelerated way. But in addition to the speed of deal flow and the changing investor requirements, technology companies are more than just a pitch on investing in intellectual property. Technology companies must show their relevance, digital accessibility, and ability to compete in the digital marketplace.

  • Digitize Now: How are companies internally transforming their operation and digitizing their products and services to enable their customer and integrate with existing processes?
  • Go-to-Market: How are they using digital tools to prove to the marketplace that they are a digital asset? What type of spending is justified?
  • Making the Most of a Pre-Capital Period: What must companies do to raise capital today? What do investors want and how can companies prepare now…for a raise in the future?


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We are actively interviewing active investors (and firms), companies (especially tech companies), and active consultants and other C-level advisors. We are especially interested in companies who are looking to raise capital in the next 6-12 months and investors (all kinds) who have exited a deal within the last 12 months. We want to hear your experience and share your morsels of wisdom!

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Humberto N. Stevens has a history of proven success in corporate and capital development in diverse segments and industries. He has advanced profitable market shares, negotiated essential collaborative partnerships and provided innovative solutions to secure increased sales, investment or acquisition interest. Humberto is actively involved with domestic and international business, chambers of commerce, charitable organizations.

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