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(June 27, 2018 – San Francisco, CA) Shot Ventures’ executive partner Trent Lapinski spoke on “Building Brand Awareness for ICOs” at the 2018 Blockchain Economic Forum in San Francisco, California last week.  The Shot Ventures team has been invited to both private and public blockchain speaking engagements because of the firm’s unique ability to provide investor packaging for tech companies. In mid-2017, the firm experienced a wave of interest from traditional investors who are actively working with blockchain technologies as well as blockchain founders who are wanting to prepare for a capital raise.  Some of the blockchain companies are seeking not only strategic investment, but partnerships with established revenue-producing businesses in order to strengthen delivery of decentralized solutions with a stronger traditional market backbone.

Trent Lapinski, Shot Ventures Executive speaking at BEF2018.

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Trent, also the host of, and Shot Ventures have established themselves as influencers in the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. The team has worked on everything from pre-ICO initiatives, like writing technical white papers and technical product analysis, to post-ICO marketing, and advising various blockchain projects.

“What makes our firm successful is that we don’t market blindly. We work closely with product experts who have a deep understanding of the technology being marketed and sold,” said Dominique Villela, Managing Partner at Shot Ventures. “We realized that we’re saving fintech companies 40-50% of time and costs devoted to product knowledge, thanks to Trent’s expertise, where he has not only an understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies but market insight on events taking place in this complex space.”

Interestingly, one of the key questions asked at BEF 2018 to a large group of blockchain marketers, “Are you capable of understanding the actual solution? For example, Proof of Work and Proof of Stake? Can you discern between technical facets of blockchain?”

The participant in the discussion was pointing out that marketing new technologies requires more than just digital services, but also requires understanding the technical value and function of the technology for businesses, developers, and consumers.

Shot Ventures is known for its specialized capital-focused marketing campaigns with Fortune 100 telecom giants, impacting emerging tech markets, and influencing billions in global market trading (NYSE and others). Based in San Francisco and with an office that just opened in Arizona, Shot Ventures is currently taking on clients in the blockchain space and is developing a service network to support early stage blockchain companies.

In particular, Shot Ventures formally announced a strategic alliance with Phoenix-based blockchain development company, Lannister Development (OTC: NBDR), a US based and publicly traded company. In a June 21 press interview, Lannister’s CEO, Joseph Snyder, said:

“We’re working hard to engage the right startups and existing business/government systems who require maximum trust in order to showcase the power of blockchain. To protect this trust, we only work with a specialized network, including Shot Ventures, who has shown themselves to be a mindful and market-forward organization. We are proud to work with them on projects where investors need world class due diligence and strategic solutions.”

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