answers to some of your most common questions

General Questions

What is Shot Ventures?

We are a next-generation venture capital firm, specializing in digital assets, that makes it easier to raise capital with investor-guided packaging.

What does Shot Ventures do?

We invest in companies at any stage – and – provide pre-capital strategy, investor packaging, and help raise capital.

Who does Shot Ventures work with?

We work primarily with accredited investors and the financial community, including private equity, investor groups, venture capital, angels, and institutional finance. We also work with founders who are most commonly former C-suite executives and also work with startups on occasion.

Does Shot Ventures only invest in Arizona companies?

No. We work with companies across the country. Geography is becoming less important. However, we do take pride in seeing more companies born from academia and are always supportive of alumni from the University of Arizona and other local universities.

Does Shot Ventures invest in companies?

We review approximately 10-20 new investor pitch decks per week and sometimes more. Of the ones that we select and package, we may invest directly and/or help companies raise capital from our network of investors. To inquire about our current requirements, please request a consult.

What type of markets does Shot Ventures specialize in?

We primarily work with emerging tech markets. Here are just a few: FinTech, InsurTech, Software/SaaS, Digital, Health & Wellness/MedTech/BioMedical, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and others. We also are highly interested in digital transformation of legacy companies. We do work with non-tech companies on occasion.

What are the benefits of working with Shot Ventures?

  • Maintain control (equity)
  • Reduce the amount of time and money needed to raise capital
  • Get earlier (supercritical) investor feedback
  • Speed up deal flow, which increases access to capital
  • Get insight from M&A professionals that understand digital assets
  • We also choose from those packaged companies to invest or lead the capital raise

Questions About Investment Services

How much does investor packaging cost?

We charge one-time fees for various investor materials, ranging between $3,000 and $10,000 each. Investor pitch deck fees are $5,000. Startups can apply to “Pre-Capital for Startups”, in which the startup receives advisory services on how to build their own deck and prepare for raising capital (learn more about the program here).

Payment is always in advance and we do not accept deferred fees for this required work. Any capital raise (pre-capital or investor relations) work is not included and is not related to the above (required) pre-capital work.

Will Shot Ventures sign my NDA?

Shot Ventures will not sign NDAs. We will not sign NDAs for startups, as no VC would at such an early stage. If something is considered “secret sauce”, keep it to yourself. It’s that simple.

How quickly can I reach out to investors after investor packaging services? 

Whether Shot Ventures helps you raise capital or you raise it yourself, you can start reaching out to investors as soon as the investor packaging services are completed. If Shot Ventures has been preparing your deck and other materials, it is likely that Shot Ventures is already in discussions with investors and receiving guidance on your offering and maybe even some offers.

What is investor packaging? 

Investor packaging may include a variety of documents and activities that go well beyond just a pitch deck. Other examples may include development of financials (I.e., a proforma), market landscapes and total addressable market studies, cap tables, product and capital roadmaps…and more. We also setup data-rooms and websites, which are one of the top 3 items requested by investors.

Does every investor or financier require the same documents? 

There are similarities in the documents needed, but no transaction is the same. It is based on the type of capital source, the industry, and transaction.

How soon can you finish my investor pitch deck?

We typically quote 30-45 days for an investor pitch deck to be completed. In some cases, up to 60 days is required, based on the complexity of the company or its capital readiness. We take this long, simply because we use investor feedback to guide development and any early due diligence needed.

Isn’t a pitch deck just a graphical presentation?

Not at all. Attractive presentations have nothing to do with interest from the financial community. We differentiate ourselves from other “deck producers” in that we provide critical investor and market feedback sooner and during investor packaging so that your company wastes no time in preparing to raise capital. This often means due diligence on your value proposition, your market positioning, your financials, and much more. Our team is not only experienced in investor packaging, but also using it to raise capital.

Questions About Raising Capital

How much capital can Shot Ventures help me raise? What kind?

Our expertise is in cash/equity and debt – or combinations of each. We are experienced in Seed, Series A, Series B, and financing for acquisitions, ranging between $250,000 to $50MM.

Is Shot Ventures a registered broker?

We are currently not a state, SEC, or FINRA registered broker.

How long does it take to raise capital?

This is probably the most common question we get. Shot Ventures may offer to lead a capital raise for you, in which raising capital may take as little as 90 days, or up to 1 year or more. Typically, we work with companies for less than 6 months (so that should tell you something). Because we work with investors so early in our work, we get earlier feedback that provides us information that we share with you…that may lead you to decide to terminate your effort, or get clarity on just how much interest there may be in the financial community and how long it may take to close on your deal.

NOTE: If you are unsure of your venture, not committed, or have any circumstances financial or otherwise that prevents you from taking the time to raise capital, you should not contact us.