Shot Ventures is a high performance next-generation venture capital firm, investing in technologies companies at any stage…and increasing deal flow volume through early proven investor-qualified packaging.


We follow the National Investor Relations Institute Code of Ethics


Thanks to our investor packaging, we are helping companies raise capital 40% sooner by capturing market insight, providing early investor feedback, and helping companies prepare for due diligence. This means we are equipped earlier to share exciting opportunities with our network.

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Fintech & Blockchain


Biotech & Biomedical

Health & Wellness

Cloud Services / SaaS

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What kind of founders do we want to work with?
Here are just a few.

Scalable Business Models

Beyond a company owning high value patented technologies, scalability is a key feature that appeals to investors. By using teams, software, semi-automation, or full automation, companies can really manage this growth more effectively.

Early Growth Companies

After generating some revenue, some companies struggle to step into their next phase of growth, and are often seeking their first or second round of investment. Sales, partnerships, and capital are often the key to advancement of the company.

Limited Startups Per Year

Every week, we interview dozens of startups, learning about new technologies and business ideas. While these companies may lack significant revenues, seed funding can provide the company just what it needs to perform and stabilize.

Cool & Friendly Teams

Smart is one thing, friendly is another. When we see teams working together, it shows that founders have realized a key component of growth: partnering. Healthy teams and strong relationships are a sign of trust and kindness, and we like that.

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Which investors do we work with?

Investors Needing Follow-On

Investors market deals to other investors. And sometimes, it takes a larger network to find the right fit, and maybe even some repositioning of the opportunity.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Our deep knowledge of digital assets and experience presenting to top-tier VC and PE firms throughout the country has helped us develop trusted relationships. This keeps us updated on what kinds of investment targets are of interest.

New Qualified Investors

Some investors we work with are investing for the first time, and have meaningful interests beyond their portfolio – like science, technology, or social impact. Some of these are looking for specific acquisitions.

New Funds & Portfolios

When creating a fund, investors want to attract companies with their vision and set the stage (and requirements) for any companies who want to join their portfolio. Often, this means a “poster child” investment to build the vision around. 

Family Offices

From Series A to a double-digit-million mezzanine rounds, Family Offices around the country hold a great deal of equity options. Based on much closer relationship ties, some companies prefer this structure of building.

Institutional Funds

As a partner with many types of investors, Shot Ventures™ is aligned with private sources of capital and institutional (boutique) firms who have equity and debt options available. These teams also provide immense business intelligence, strategy, and auditing services.

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Since our formation in 2017, we’ve helped increase deal flow volume, vet and curate the right deals to the right investor types, accelerate due diligence, and help raise capital more efficiently.

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